Power of the Warrior

Is anger your friend or your foe? We tend to struggle with anger, both at work and at home. An intense, threatening and at times unpredictable emotion, anger can also protect and connect. But what exactly triggers our anger? And what are healthy ways to receive and share it? This workshop encourages you to explore your anger and connect with the warrior within.

The one-day Power of the Warrior workshop takes you on a challenging exploration of the anger that you and other people experience each day. Through playful and serious exercises you will experience the depth and breadth of this power force within you.

You will also discover various strategies for dealing with – and suppressing – anger, through movement but also by sharing your personal story with other participants. This intimate and experiential approach means the day will bring you more appreciation and command of your anger.

Power of the Warrior is an intense and challenging workshop designed for people who have the courage and curiosity to go deep. To ensure a safe and effective environment, the group is limited to eight people only. Participants will

  • Learn about the forms and functions of anger
  • Discover the hidden power of their own anger and ways in which they express it (or not)
  • Experience how other people’s anger affects them
  • Develop better ways to embrace anger


The one-day Power of the Warrior workshop run as follows:

Arrival, coffee and tea
Sharing personal experiences, forms and functions of anger
Receiving anger: how does it effect your inner state and ability to respond
Yummy lunch with sandwiches, juice and warm snacks
Playing with anger, making space for your own anger
Connecting with the warrior within, three levels of anger

Anger: friend or foe? About the forms and functions of the warrior energy

If you want to know more about the forms and functions of anger, the strategies we use to deal with anger and ways to master your anger, read my in-depth blog on this fascinating topic.
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Practical information

The workshop will be held – Corona permitting – in De Stal on the island of De Kaag, the Netherlands. This is a gorgeous and quiet place.

Your investment is €295, including VAT and snacks and drinks. Overnight stay + breakfast at De Stal is an additional €95.

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