Team Retreat

Your team is busy, eager to perform and constantly chasing the next big wave. Or perhaps your team is in a rut, or even underperforming. To get your team ahead, it may be time to take a moment to reflect and reconnect. Listen and be heard. And finally get to the issues that really matter in order to reach the next level.

The Team Retreat is ideal for this. It will take your team on a unique, experiential process of discovery that will engage the mind, body and the heart. It will:

  • Encourage deep and genuine conversations that enhance trust and connectedness

  • Create space for the thoughts, feelings and beliefs at the heart of your team
  • Uncover the underlying dynamics affecting your team’s performance
  • Identify the team’s hidden limitations and growth potential
  • Enable reconciliation where necessary


The Team Retreat takes two days and runs as follows:

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