Personal Retreat

You enjoy a full life. Your career is demanding, your personal life packed and your to do list never ending. As result, you may feel mentally/emotionally occupied and loose sight of the bigger picture. This means it’s high time for a personal retreat.

About the programme

  • reconnects you with your innate strengths, confidence and self-care

  • Delivered in the Netherlands (in English or Dutch)
  • empowers you to envisage and plot the next step in your life

The two-day retreat with Ilja was an insightful experience for me. By applying different tools and listening carefully, Ilja helps to get fresh views on – sometimes complex – situations in my professional life. Together, we identified opportunities for the future, based on the (near) past and the present.

Partner of a stragegy consulting agency


Personal Retreat is an experiential and rewarding process in four parts:

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