Life of Desire

Life is fast-paced, demanding and full of opportunities. As we pursue our goals and rush to the next deadline, we may loose sight of the bigger picture. What really wakes us up? And what actually drains us? This one-day workshop invites people to design a life of desire and deal with the inner and outer constraints that block it.

This workshop is suited both to ambitious and high-performing professionals who want to ensure they stay on the right path, and people who feel they are running out of steam or feel they are dangerously close to a burnout.

In the morning part of the workshop, participants reconnect with their desires as the source of their energy, motivation and ambition. They identify their desires and learn about the process through which desire emerges, matures and fulfills.

In addition, participants will determine which of their emotional and cognitive patterns block their desires from coming into the world. They distinguish between health and unhealthy inhibition and find ways to let go of the latter.

The afternoon focuses on life’s major energy drains: personal qualities we hide, other people’s burdens we carry and stupid things we tolerate. Participants get an embodied sense of the weight of this and are encouraged to let go of some of it.

Finally, participants get to design their Life of Desire. What would work and home life look like if more of our desires were allowed to mature and be fulfilled? We end the day by identifying practical steps we can and want to take.

In short, participants:

  • Reconnect with their deepest desires and understand their forms and functions
  • Discover the hidden emotional and cognitive patterns that prevent them from acting on their desires
  • Explore and let go of all the ways in which other people’s needs, expectations and problems drain us
  • Design a Life of Desire and identify practical steps to realise it


The one-day Life of Desire workshop run as follows:

Why some people burn bright and others burn out

To get a better sense of the purpose and power of your desires and to understand why and how we suppress them, read this blog about by some people burn bright and others burn out.
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Practical information

Covid-permitting, the workshop will be held in De Stal on the island of De Kaag, the Netherlands. This is a gorgeous and quiet place.

Your investment is €295, including VAT and snacks and drinks. Overnight stay + breakfast at De Stal is an additional €75.

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