Life Foundation

The 12-day Life Foundation programme offers deep and lasting personal change that creates space for better self-care, relationships, parenting and friendships.

About the programme

  • 12 full days of private, one-on-one work in a comfortable environment
  • Combines tools from various healing and development disciplines

  • Effective approach that engages body, mind and heart

  • Includes one year of unlimited coaching outside of the 12 days
  • Delivered in the Netherlands (in English or Dutch)


  • Put your true values, talents and needs at the heart of your life
  • Uncover and realise your hidden potential
  • Find more freedom from unproductive emotional/cognitive patterns


Life Foundation has a clear structure and solid curriculum complemented by unlimited coaching for up to a year, self-assessments and homework.

Integration coaching

A unique feature of Life Foundation is unlimited coaching for one year starting from the first day of the programme. This coaching, which takes place in between the on-site days or after completing the programme, helps you integrate what you learn.

Coaching takes place via phone or Skype and is used to:

  • Develop better ways of communicating, relating and setting boundries

  • Improve your self-care

  • Create more intimacy and honesty in your relations

  • Deal with parenting challenges

Additional features

In addition to the 12 days of private, one-on-one work, your process of learning and change is supported by:

  • Two self-assessments to help you set targets and track progress

  • Homework assignments designed to help you develop new skills and integrate what you learn into your life

Choose your own pace

Life Foundation comprises 12 full days, with each day starting at 09:00 and ending at around 15:00. You complete the programme at your own pace. Many people choose to come in once every two to three weeks. This would allow you plenty of time to integrate what you learn.

Other people prefer to do an intensive. In this case we pack the curriculum into three four-day periods or four three-day periods, with 1-3 months in between. Clients say this is demanding, but worthwhile.

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