Free Exploration

Free Exploration is a private, half-day event in which you tackle one challenging issue from your work or private life. You can tackle a person or situation that you find hard to handle. Try to get more clarity about the next step in your career. Or simply check in to see how you are really doing inside.

By involving your mind, body and emotions, you will explore the deeper emotional and mental patterns at work. This will give you valuable insights and show you how to deal more skilfully with the original issue.

It will also put you in touch with powerful parts of your self and show you how to relate to yourself and others in a different way. Ultimately, the Initial Exploration will give you more clarity, focus, ease and the nudge to get you further.

The probing questions you asked during the Initial Exploration encouraged me to explore myself. I (re)found parts of me that were limiting me or making me stronger. I also confronted the fact that my rationality was hiding my true feelings. This gave me insight, comforted me and encouraged me. Thank you, for your warm welcome, discretion and understanding. You helped me open the door and take a peek into my own kitchen. It tastes like more!

I got to the core of the matter with the help of Ilja’s sharp, open en trustworthy approach. He guides without judging and leading and he gave me insights without showing them to me.

Curious? Contact me today to book your Free Exploration.