Today is the first day of 2015. Traditionally this is a time for sleeping in, nurturing your hangover, and committing to good resolutions. Instead of publicly committing to specific goals, how about quietly setting some intentions for the coming year. Here are three suggestions.


Reconnect with your inner world

The outer world is demanding. Our gadgets bleep, our agendas overflow, our to-do lists never end. All of this doing distracts us from our inner world. We are an embodied consciousness and our bodies, feelings, felt sensations, dreams, and half-conscious thoughts are rich in meaning. Take your attention inside and reconnect with your source. How? Try meditating, yoga, martial arts, painting, dancing, or go for a quiet walk in nature.

Practice compassion, acceptance and patience

What we dislike, judge or ridicule in others, we reject in ourselves. So how about treating yourself and others with more acceptance and compassion. We all have good intentions, we are all incomplete and all trying to make the best of our lives. Besides, we cannot change others, no matter how hard we try. People will do what is best for them when the time is right. Stop pushing and pulling, and wait patiently. This will create space for the other to follow his or her own natural path.

Nurture your relationships

Consuming the latest gadget will not bring more joy and meaning to your life. Your relationships will. Take more time this year to (re)connect with the people who matter. Visit them and share a meal. Speak your truth. Be honest about your feelings. Listen with genuine attention. Tell them what they mean to you. Apologise when needed. Forgive when possible. Repeat as often as possible.

Ilja van Roon

P.S. I also wrote a blog about the value of your inner world and the most important relationship you will ever have.