We have an outer life and an inner life.

The outer life is full of people and things and doing and hurry and must and plans and gadgets.

This life is loud, fast and bouncy. It rushes here and there and often looses itself in the rushing. It has a habit of consuming all of our attention.

Often at the expense of our inner life. Which is full of questions. Deeper layers of understanding. Untold possibilities of becoming.

Inner life

Our inner life is our foundation. The source of our vitality and longing. The place from which we go on our individual Hero’s Journey into the world.

And if we learn to listen to it – quietly, with an open heart – our inner life will tell us everything we need to know.

Our task – or rather our life-long challenge – is to listen. And when the outer life ensnares us, it is our task to make our way back to that listening.

This is where a coach or therapist can be useful. Someone who can guide you back inside, past your own fears and pain, to the places inside that matter.

The places that need to be seen, blessed, healed, touched, loved, forgiven. So we can become more whole and at peace, even when things go awry.

Everything is already there. If we connect to it, let it flow through us, what will happen will be just right. Not easy or painless. But ok.

Ilja van Roon

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