At work and at home, we often talk about tasks, goals and targets. Stuff we need to do, things we want to achieve.

All of this is useful. It keeps us busy and focused, it helps us get stuff done. But it can also be dull and keep us running around in circles.

So for a moment, let’s focus on desire instead.

We often equate desire with sexual lust, but desire is far deeper and broader than that.

Desire is connected to the raw power of life and is a quintessentially human capacity.

Desire is the innate urge of something inside of us that wants to grow, transform and become real in this world.

People can feel a deep desire to become a parent or to connect their lives to a mate.

Others feel a deep desire to go on a transformational journey, to express themselves through art or to create something of value for the world.

Fundamentally good

In experiencing our desire fully and freely, we experience our selves as fundamentally good, as alive, as doing something meaningful with our life.

Which is not to say that we should always act on our desires. Just because I deeply desire something, doesn’t mean the time is right for me to act.

Desire needs time to ripen, to mature, so its true purpose can be more clearly understood and its realisation can be aligned with the world around it.

But that is a different story. For now, mentally set aside all your tasks and to-dos. Take a moment to connect to your body and ask it what it truly, deeply desires.

What inside of you is waking up and wanting to become real in this world And what would your life look like if you acted on it?

Who would you become and what would you do with this one life you have, to paraphrase from that gorgeous poem by Mary Oliver.

Ilja van Roon

P.S. Contact me if you want to have more space in your life for what you truly desire or continue reading about why you loose power when you blame others and why feelings are useful.