Life is a journey of transformation and change. It is a natural path that is common to us all, yet unique to every single individual.

Along the way, everything we try to achieve, the challenges we face and the choices we make, are deeply influenced by our personal development.

This will either support or hinder the way we handle day-to-day life, as well as life’s major challenges.


Although we are all born with unique preferences, qualities and talents, our actual development is influenced by our conditioning.

This is the result of growing up in multiple contexts, such as a family, an organisation, society, the educational system or a religion.

Each burdens us with their expectations, needs and shortcomings, which more often than not conflict with our own deepest desires and aspirations.

As children, we have no other option but to comply and adapt, to show the world what it wants to see and hide those parts of us that are unwelcome.

By the time we are adults, we present to the world our socialised self rather than our core self. We have buried some of our gifts and talents, not because we want to, but because we were taught to.

This means we go through life incomplete and out of touch with ourselves, possibly feeling lost or yearning for something we cannot even properly name.

Limited ability to grow

It also means that we are limited in our ability to grow and learn. As the above model (courtesy of CoachU) shows, there is an inherent order to our development process.

Just like a house is built on solid foundations, our personal development starts at the bottom. First we heal, meet our needs and ensure we have proper boundaries and key life skills. This is work at the lower two levels.

Only then, are we really ready to focus on the higher levels and gradually work up until we are ready to live and lead from a clear vision and purpose.

Without good foundations, our efforts at the higher levels of our development are ineffective at best or counterproductive at worst. This also explains why a lot of training and coaching is less effective that we had hoped for.

The freedom to master ourselves

We cannot master ourselves if we are still enslaved by the programming of the past. Neither can we find inner peace and happiness, or become leaders who leave behind a truly powerful legacy.

I we believe it is possible to clean up the past and reconnect you with your most powerful self. You can give yourself solid foundations for transformation and open up every level of your development.

Ilja van Roon

P.S. My Life Foundation and Leadership Foundation programmes are designed to achieve that. Feel free to contact me to discuss what these programmes could do for you.