My name is Ilja van Roon and I help people live and lead with more purpose, vitality and resilience. I want my clients to be happier and healthier and have more rewarding relationships and careers.

Clients say that I am present, incisive, and gentle. I listen deeply and get to the core of the matter. I want my clients to enjoy the freedom to explore at their own pace. That is why my sessions last either half a day or a full day.

I am comfortable working with adults of all ages, sexual orientations, ethnicities, tribal affiliations and religions. My clients are diverse and have come from the Middle East, East Africa, Europe and Asia.

My approach is eclectic and reflects my insatiable curiosity and personal struggles. These have included depression, divorce and the death of my eldest son, my only sister and a baby niece, all in the span of four years.

In addition to guiding people, I enjoy a successful two-decade career as a business writer. I am also the Co-Director of an NGO that supports human rights defenders in conflict areas.

Professional training

My approach combines tools and insights from various programmes and disciplines, including

  • First year Haptotherapy Training, the Netherlands

  • Haptonomy Foundations, the Netherlands
  • Inner Child therapy certification with Pat Wyman, US
  • Generative Trance with Stephen Gilligan, US
  • Coach training with Coach University, US
  • NLP Master Practitioner with Robert Dilts, US
  • NLP Practitioner with PPD, UK
  • Work in the Enneagram, hypnotherapy, focusing, non-violent communication, family constellation and Feldenkrais
  • MBTI certification by the American Management Association, US
  • Black belt in Aikido (shodan)
  • Master in Corporate Communication with RSM University, The Netherlands