Just for a day, be more like a child. Not childish, but childlike.

Full of wonder, about the how and why of the world.

Playful and creative without the burden of result or success.

Full of excitement about everything that is yet to be discovered.

Dreaming and imagining, experimenting and combining.

As adults, we focus too much on actions, results, and deadlines. We are too serious and think we know what we need to know. This dulls the senses and tempers the heart.

We cannot afford to lose our connection to these childlike qualities.

They revitalise our relationships and bring joy to our lives. They allows us to grow, learn, and inspire others. They empower us as parents, lovers, friends and neighbours.

These qualities are crucial to organisations, too. They encourage innovation, motivate people and energise teams, thereby strengthening the organisation’s competitiveness. Leaders should be more childlike, as counter-intuitive as that may seem.

So for today, be more like a child. See things for the first time, let go of knowing and allow whatever comes up to emerge.

Ilja van Roon

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